Submit a program demo


Taking submissions beginning January 1, 2016!!

Thank you for your interest in submitting a demo to Ohm Radio. We have several requirements for our submissions. Please review our mission statement, vision and values to ensure your submission meets our requirements. We are looking for high quality talk content as well as music shows.


To record a high quality demo, you’ll need to have access to a microphone and recording software. You can use garageband for mac and audacity for PC. They are both free programs.

For good sound quality, you’ll need to have a USB microphone that plugs into your computer or you can use a traditional XLR microphone that is connected to a preamp which then connects to your computer. Generally $50 is the minimum for a quality USB microphone.

If there are going to be two people on your program, each person will need a microphone. Most computers have two USB inputs, so you can purchase two microphones and that will give you a good sound.



We recommend having music for your intro and outro. There are hundreds of tutorials on how to add music to your recording software as well as how to fade into a voice over. There are also several tutorials on how to edit clips if something is recorded that you don’t want to have in your file. Save your file as an mp3 file and then send it to the station so the programming committee can review it and send you feedback.




As an Ohm Radio DJ, I agree to: