Bon Banh Mi

Local Vietnamese one stop shop for any craving you have, founded at our very own Charleston farmer’s market!


Founded in 2006 and headquartered here in Charleston, SC, BoomTown is a fast growing, web-based software company that offers a robust online marketing system for real estate professionals. The system includes a customized real estate website integrated with local MLS data, personalized online advertising and inbound marketing services, a dedicated Client Success Manager, and a cutting-edge sales and marketing system with marketing automation. BoomTown is a software platform designed to help real estate professionals generate leads, manage contacts, and run their business better. Please support this incredible local business that supports Ohm Radio. Learn more at

Charleston Housing Company

In a city bursting with arts, culture, and history, Charleston Housing Company offers unique options for those looking to make this city home. From modern lofts to historic houses, Charleston Housing Company provides options for those looking to relocate to downtown Charleston.  Charleston Housing Company prides itself on exemplary staff, pristine properties, and remarkable locations.  Charleston Housing Company was established in 1990, and will continue to provide homes for students, professionals, and families. Please support this incredible local business that supports Ohm Radio. Learn more at

Colony & Craft 

Colony & Craft is a local Real Estate Company that focuses on residential properties in Downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island, John’s Island, and the greater Charleston area! Colony & Craft strives to help you find the perfect place to hang your hat and to provide the quality service and support you deserve. This company uses an “old school” work ethic and is dedicated to making every customer feel comfortable and confident with the real estate decisions they make. Please support this incredible local business that supports Ohm Radio. Learn more at

D’Allesandro’s Pizza

D’Allesandro’s Pizza offers hand tossed pizzas, calzones, salads and caljoes. D’Als values their customers, quality ingredients, and believes in delivering great pizza. D’Als believes there’s a little chef inside all of us, and is located in the heart of Downtown Charleston at 229 Saint Phillip St. They care about the craft of pizza making, and care about the ingredients they use! Please support this incredible local business that supports Ohm Radio. Learn more at

Ella Ora 

Ella Ora Skin Therapy Clinic offers a scientific approach to skin care that addresses the visible signs of aging and many other common skin concerns by combining state-of-the-art technology with medical grade compounds. Ella Ora specializes in the manual sculpting of the face using a combination of European and Eastern techniques to deliver a measurably more youthful complexion and achieve lift without surgery. Please support this incredible local business that supports Ohm Radio. Learn more at

Half-Moon Outfitters

Half-Moon Outfitters is a fiercely independent regional chain of Outdoor Stores that serves South Carolina and Georgia. Founded in 1993 in downtown Charleston, Half-Moon thrives on a boutique selection of the best the Outdoor Industry has to offer. Half-Moon prides itself on being first to the dance on the new, innovative and most interesting products. Half Moon cares deeply about a service model that is meaningful to employees, vendors and most importantly to the consumer. Please support this incredible local business that supports Ohm Radio. Learn more at

Harold’s Cabin

Harold’s Cabin is a reimagined corner store, cafe and restaurant concept, housed in the same building on the corner of President and Congress Streets as the original Harold’s Cabin, which served the residents of Charleston’s Westside neighborhood from the 1920s to the 1950s. First opened as a snowball shop under Harold Jacobs and his parents, and then run by Harold and his wife Lillian, Harold’s Cabin evolved into an iconic neighborhood grocery and lunch counter. Check out the mercantile area of Harold’s Cabin, featuring some of your favorite ingredients from our menu, as well as locally sourced provisions and grocery items. The space features dining room seating for 65, a lively bar, the grab-and-go market and our rooftop garden. Learn more at

Queen Street Grocery

Located in the heart of the Holy City, Queen Street Grocery has been creating savory & sweet crepes, hot-pressed sandwiches, and all day breakfast, as well as craft beer, wine, and good tunes since 1992. Please support this incredible local business that supports Ohm Radio. Learn more at

Sunday Brunch Farmers Market

The Sunday Brunch Farmers Market takes place every Sunday from 11AM- 3PM at 1977 Maybank Hwy, behind the Charleston Pour House. They are a 100% Local market dedicated to quality and community. The Sunday Brunch Farmers Market features live music every Sunday! This is an opportunity specifically for small producers and new and beginning businesses who source locally to sell amongst their peers and to develop their market base. Please support this incredible local business that supports Ohm Radio. Learn more at

Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation supports a wide spectrum of arts groups that reflect the vitality and diversity of the Lowcountry.  They provide general operations grants to arts organizations and county arts councils, as well as other assistance to support, strengthen and connect the Lowcountry arts ecosystem. Please support this incredible business that supports Ohm Radio. Learn more at

2021 Donors

Adam Chandler
Aiden & Vivian Anderson
Amanda Felix
Andrea Serrano
Anahita & Daniel
Ann Kimball Gustafson
Annie Singh
Bettina Fisher
Brett Barker
Brien Fennell
Brooke Allen
Brooke Goldman
Brittany Edelson
Carlos Salinas
Cathryn Davis
Claire Lanier
Claire Vernon
Dan Ulibarri
David Keller
Dana and Kent Burris
David Gerth
E Blair Goodman
Eileen Waldron and Michael Nolan
Eliza Ingle
Faye Steuer
Gabrielle Principe
Gathering Events
Harold Peeples
Heather Barrie
Hermon Von Harten
Heron Farms LLC
Jaclyn Mazzucci
Josh Clothier
Jeff Yungman
Jeremy Jernigan
Jerry Huhn
Jessica Rueger
Jill Davidge
Jordan Freeman
Kaitlyn Swicegood
Karalee Neilson Fallert
Kate and David Ledbetter
Kate Counts
Kate Nevin
Kathleen Ferrell
Kathleen Pinner
Kellie Lawson (Gaillard)
Kendall Snead
Katherine Seanger
Kelly Tillman
Kirsten Downing
Kristina Wildes
Liollio Architecture
Living Oak Massage
Luanne and Tommy Rodgers
Maren Anderson Moore
Marcus Stevenson and Karen Parson
Martin Skelly
Marie Stitt
Mary Beth Berry
Matt Jones
Matt Williams
The Murray Family
Nick D’Allessandro
Nina Fair
Paul and Char Kolon
Richard Baskin
Rob Bouton
Robert Martin
Robert Vanderwege
Sandra Morckel
Scat Cat
Sean Coughlin
Special Breed
Susan Cadwell
Steve and Jan Warner
Stacy Rabon
Stephanie Hunt
Tom Leonczyk
Vikki Matsis
William Davidge



2020 Donors

Adam Chandler*
Alexandra Arneri- Matsis
Andrew Clark
Ann Kimball Gustafson
Annie Duryee
Annie Singh
Amanda Howell
Amy Bradshaw
Barbara Evans*
Barbara Leonard
Bennett Jones
Betsy Ledbetter
Brittany Lavelle
Brent Rueger
Brian Fennell*
Brooks Wilson
Caroline Davila
Cathryn Davis*
Cara Leepson*
Carol Dotterer
Carlos Salinas*
Charlene Kolon
Chris Carron
Claire Lanier*
Claire Linney
Courtney Moody
Dan Ulibarri*
Daniel Norton
David McSweeney
Dennis Burns
Dennis Zellner
Demetrius Marsh
Ed Kosak (Unity)
Edward Seeger
Eileen Waldron*
Elizabeth Joblonski
Emily Knurek
Erel Pilo
Evan Cook
Fallon Devine
Faye Steuer*
Frank Fabor
Gathering Events
Grayson Smith
Haley Cope
Hannah Echols
Herman Von Harten*
Heron Farms, LLC*
Holy City Sinner
James Barbaree
James Monahan
James Prutting
Jane Peeples
Jeffrey Stellmach
Jeffrey Yungman
Jenna Feeney
Jesse Blom
Jeremy Jernigan
Jerry Huhn
Jill Davidge*
JJ Shefer
John and Patty Feeney
Joshua Lamb
Joseph Johnson
Juana Valentia Diaz Gomes
Juan-Pablo Mancia 
Judith Chandler
Kaitlin Swicegood
Kate and David Ledbetter*
Kathleen Ferrell*
Kathleen Pinner
Katherine Saenger*
Kayla Sewell
Keith and Kathleen Chabot
Kristin Andrews
Leonard Greene
Living Oak Massage
Liz Mester
Madeleine McGee
Martin Skelly*
Maren Anderson
Maryann Mazurek
Mary Bushkar
Matt Williams*
Maxwell Wild
Megan Austin
Melanie Frank
Michael Taliercio
Music is Life Company
Nancy Beach
Nina Fair
Paul Sykes
Paul Cawood
Paul Nunez
Richard Sanders Chapman
Rob Bouton*
Robert Strum
Robert Vanderwege*
Ryan Barrs*
Sam Gogdell
Sandra Bigelow
Sean Coughlin
Special Breed*
Stefanie Potter
Stephanie and Noel Hunt*
Stephanie Johnson (Boomtown)*
Stephen Warner
Stratton Lawrence
Susan Cadwell*
Susan Valentino*
Susannah Elliott
Sydney Seidel
Tanner Sutton
Theresa Powers
Thomas Kennedy
Trey Barbaree
Tonya Drake
Twist + Shout Studio
Vikki Matsis*

*recurring donors

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